In lieu of using the regulations and procedures stated in the Code of Student Life and the Student Misconduct Procedure, the Vice President for Student Life has the option to invoke the rules and regulations prescribed by the Board of Regents and amended in November, 1973. The Regents Uniform Rules of Personal Conduct include a provision authorizing the president to declare a state of emergency and to impose sanctions during the emergency. The rules are printed in Section 681 of the Iowa Administrative Code, part 9.

Regents Policies on Campus Integrity

Political Action. No state university shall be or become an instrument of political action. The expression of political opinions and viewpoints will be those of individuals and not of institutions, since the official adoption of any political position, whether favored by majority or minority, tends to substitute one-sided commitment for the continuing search for truth.

Calendar Changes. Major proposed changes of the university calendar and the consequences of such changes will be brought with recommendations to the Board of Regents for final decision.