It is the policy of The University of Iowa that each student shall be guaranteed the following rights and freedoms; enumeration of the rights or registration at the University shall in no manner be construed to nullify or limit any other constitutional or legal rights or freedoms possessed by students as citizens or residents of the United States or the State of Iowa:

  1. The right to participate freely in University-sponsored services and activities consistent with the University Policy on Human Rights; that is, without discrimination based on any classifications set forth therein.
  2. The right to obtain a clear statement of basic rights, obligations, and responsibilities concerning both academic and nonacademic student conduct.
  3. The right to be evaluated in the classroom solely on the basis of academic achievement and fulfillment of educational requirements with freedom of expression protected and respected.
  4. The right to organize and join associations in order to promote common interests.
  5. The right of protection from the creation and maintenance by the University of records outside of the ordinary course of business specifically reflecting the student’s beliefs or their political activities and associations, and the right of assurance that only the names of organizational representatives and the organization’s financial status be included as part of the public record of student organizations maintained by the University.
  6. Consistent with federal and state laws, the general right of protection from the release of non-directory information to persons outside the University community of academic, organizational, and disciplinary records without the express consent of the student or a court order.
  7. The right to petition for changes in either academic or nonacademic regulations, procedures, or practices.
  8. The right to elect a democratic student government.
  9. The right to have clearly defined means to participate in the formulation and application of institutional policy affecting both academic and nonacademic student affairs. The student’s participation shall include the right to gain access to information, to express views, and to have these views considered.
  10. The right of protection from the placement of non-University financial obligations on the student’s University account without the express consent of the student.
  11. The right to be free from disciplinary action by the University for misconduct except under reasonable rules which have as their substantive basis the protection of some clear and distinct interest of the University as an academic institution.
  12. The right to due process in any action brought or taken by the University against the student which can reasonably be expected to affect the student’s status with the University or any of its constituent parts or agencies.
  13. The right to protection from ex post facto regulations